Medical Practitioners Professional Indemnity

Medical Practitioners Professional Indemnity

The Professional Indemnity insurance for Medical Practitioners at a health care establishment covers, within the sum insured (limit of liability), material and personal damages to patients suffered as a result of bodily injury or death due to a fault during or in relation to the medical practice of the Insured at or on behalf of the health care establishment.

INSURING PERSON is the health care establishment which concludes the contract for its own account, whereas INSURED is any person practicing a medical profession at the health care establishment.

Medical practitioners are defined within the meaning of the Health Law. Medical professions are practiced by persons with higher education degree in the following specialized professional fields: Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Healthcare. 

The insurance indemnity also covers: default interest, when the Insured is liable for that interest to the injured party in accordance with the provisions of the Insurance Code; the expenses awarded to the injured party in court proceedings against the Insured for establishing the latter’s third party liability, in case the Insurer has been engaged in the proceedings; the expenses incurred by the Insured to limit the damage, when they have acted with the required due diligence, even if their efforts have been unsuccessful.

The cover of this insurance is valid for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

ИДЗП Професионална отговорност на лицата упражняващи медицинска професия