Cargo in Transit

Cargo in Transit

This insurance provides protection for cargo and material interests related to it from risks encountered during transportation.

According to the insurance conditions, insurance is provided for cargo in transit, including money, securities, philatelic and numismatic items and collections, fair and exhibition items, works of art, jewelry and articles of precious metals and stones, live animals and plants, as well as the related property interests.

Under the insurance contract, loss and/or damage to the cargo are compensated following an insured event covered by the specific terms and conditions agreed in the clauses which form an integral part of the insurance contract.

The cover of this insurance is subject both to the General Conditions of Cargo in Transit Insurance of ZEAD BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP and to the following clauses: 

  • Institute Cargo Clauses /A/1.1.09
  • Clauses “Full cover”/А/1.1.87
  • Institute Cargo Clauses /B/1.1.09
  • Clauses “Limited cover” /В/1.1.87
  • Institute Cargo Clauses /С/1.1.09
  • Clauses “Minimum cover” /С/1.1.87
  • Other clauses used internationally

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