Bulstrad Travel Package

Bulstrad Travel Package

Bulstrad Travel Package insurance takes care of the necessary expenses and provision of information needed in order to obtain prompt and specialized medical assistance during your travel abroad.


Insurance for Bulgarian and foreign citizens travelling abroad, for emergency and medical costs incurred by them in relation to PERSONAL ACCIDENT or SUDDEN SICKNESS.

The insurance is designed for the needs of:

  • Tourists
  • Persons travelling to work abroad
  • Students abroad – for children and students up to 26 years.

The insurance policy may be concluded for a period from one day to one year, with options for Multi-trip packages designed for multiple trips abroad over a one-year period.

Validity abroad:

  • for Europe
  • for Worldwide, without USA and Canada, or
  • for Worldwide including USA and Canada

The Insurer provides assistance on a 24/7 basis, delivered through the Assistance company GLOBAL SERVICES BULGARIA JSC, which the insured person can reach at: +359 2 8197 197.

Insurance coverage:

Main cover:


  • Medical, surgical, pharmacy and hospital expenses;
  • Emergency medical expenses and cost of medical transportation and repatriation as a result of COVID-19 sickness;
  • Expenses for hospital treatment of up to 15 days;
  • Costs of medical transport and repatriation of the insured person or his/her mortal remains to the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Emergency dental care - expenses up EUR 350.

You may add the following additional covers:

  •  LEGAL ASSISTANCE  - expenses for lawyer defense up to EUR 1,500 in case the Insured is subject to civil liability proceedings  (against him/her), in accordance with the civil law in force in the country of travelling/stay, in connection
  • GENERAL THIRD-PARTY LIABILITY – the Insurer will cover all amounts, within the agreed sum insured, that the insured person becomes obliged to pay under a court decision or settlement for damages caused to third parties in relation to the insured person’s civil liability, which have occurred during the insurance period outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • CANCELLATION, INTERRUPTION OR EXTENSION OF THE VOYAGE – the Insurer will reimburse the documented financial expenses incurred in relation to a cancellation, interruption or extension of a voyage (incl. voyage cancellation due to COVID-19 sickness of the Insured or a close person), as well as expenses due to delay or cancellation of a regular flight, as well as in case of missing a regular connecting flight, when such expenses are not subject to reimbursement on other grounds.
  • – the Insurer will cover the following:
    • Visit and stay of a person (spouse, relative or close person) specified by the insured person – in case the insured person is hospitalized for more than 7 (seven) consecutive days due to an accident or acute sickness while being abroad;
    • Expenses for the stay and transportation of children accompanying the Insured while travelling abroad – in the event of hospitalization or death of the insured person as a result of an accident or sudden sickness;
    • Expenses for the stay and transportation of a person accompanying the Insured while travelling abroad – in case of hospitalization of the Insured as a result of an accident or sudden sickness, the Assistance Company will arrange and cover the costs of accommodation, food and return trip of one person to accompany the insured person.
  • SEARCH AND RESCUE EXPENSES – the Insurer will cover and reimburse expenses for the search and rescue of the insured person, incurred by specialized rescue services on the territory of a country or in international areas and waters.
  • ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE SERVICES – if this clause is selected with the insurance, the Insurer will provide cover in case the following are needed:
    • Delivery of medical products and medications, which cannot be procured locally;
    • Loan money – the Assistance Company will lend or ensure the payment of sums on behalf of the insured person to cover emergency expenses due to a loss or theft of which the relevant authorities are notified;
    • Delivery of emergency information – in the event of an unexpected event beyond the control of the insured person which requires a cancellation of travels or a change of the insured person’s destination, the Assistance Company will arrange, at the request of the insured person, the delivery of the necessary information to a specific person or institution;
    • Assistance for necessary extension of the Insured’s travel – in the event that the insured person's health does not require hospitalization, but the originally scheduled travel period has expired and the Assistance Company is unable to organize transport for reasons beyond its control, then the Assistance Company will arrange and cover the expenses for accommodation and food of the insured person.
    • Resumption of the Insured’s voyage – the Assistance Company will arrange and cover the costs for transportation of the insured person, together with the accompanying insured members of his/her family, from the place of hospitalization to the next point of the interrupted trip;
    • Emergency extension of the insurance period – at the request of the insured person to the Assistance Company, the insurance period may be extended without payment of an additional premium, but for not more than 48 (forty-eight) hours, when this is needed due to natural disasters and/or an event beyond the control of the insured person.
    • Permanent disability as a result of personal accident;
    • Death as a result of personal accident.
  • The sum insured is chosen by the customer: EUR 5,000; EUR 10,000; EUR 15,000; EUR 20,000; EUR 30,000; EUR 50,000; EUR 75,000, or EUR 100,000.

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