This policy is an alternative option for the insurance of buildings, machines, equipment, products, stock, inventories, etc.

The insurance provides covers the following risks:

“All Risk” cover

The Insurer shall indemnify the Insured for any direct, sudden and accidental physical loss of or damage to the property insured, which the Insured and/or its representatives could not reasonably have foreseen and which occurs at the insured location at any time during the period of insurance and results in the property insured needing to be repaired or replaced, unless expressly excluded under the General Conditions of the insurance.

The cover includes damage and loss as a result of including but not limited to fire, consequences of fire extinguishing (irrespective of whether the fire has arisen in the insured location), lightning (direct or indirect strike), explosion, implosion, impact by aircraft, parts or cargo thereof, natural perils (including storm, hail, torrential rain, falling trees, branches and other external objects due to natural perils, pressure from natural accumulation of snow and ice, freezing), earthquake, flood, landslide or collapse of earth mass, leakage from water, sewerage or fire extinguishing installations, impact by motor vehicle, not belonging to the Insured or his/her related persons, malicious acts of third parties (incl. arson and/or explosion), short circuit or current rush (including due to overvoltage as a result of induction), breakage of glass fixed in doors, windows or interior partition walls, as well as resulting from other (unnamed) risks and events, and additional expenses incurred by the Insured as direct result of insured event.

Based on additional agreement the insurance cover can be extended also in respect of:

·         Burglary, theft with technical device or robbery

·         Machinery Breakdown

·         Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion

·         Terrorism