Electronic Equipment

Electronic Equipment

ZEAD Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group insures electronic equipment used for commercial and industrial purposes, against material loss or damage, or covers expenses incurred as a result of unexpected, unforeseen events, such as:

  • Man-made - negligence, untrained or improper handling, malicious damage of third parties, theft or burglary.
  • Fire – any kind of explosion, implosion, lightning, as well as damages caused by fire extinguishing, demolition or debris removal during such events.
  • Water – leakage from a water main, tidal water, flood, rain water, steam, moisture, corrosion.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Technological errors in construction, material defects, manufacturing discrepancies, overvoltage.

The scope of the cover includes:

  • Stationary equipment at the insured site.
  • Movable and portable equipment outside the insured site, in case of agreed territorial limits for the Republic of Bulgaria, Europe, another continent or worldwide.

The insurance may also be extended with an inclusion of covers for:

  • Data storage devices (including stored data on them) in the event of damage or destruction due to the above events in a way that makes it impossible to machine-read or store information on them, as well as due to burglary theft or robbery.
  • Additional expenses made in order to continue operations after occurrence of an insurance event to the equipment, including expenses for external equipment, alteration of the normal working procedure, hiring of extra staff, external services, etc.

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