Bulstrad Motor GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance

Bulstrad Motor GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance Bulstrad

Subject of insurance:

Motor vehicles with a permissible total mass up to 3.5 t, which require a Category B driving license, are not older than 7 years from the year of manufacture, are registered with a Bulgarian license plate and have a valid Casco insurance.

Risk covered:

The difference arising between the due indemnity after a risk covered under Casco insurance has led to a total loss of the motor vehicle, and:

a) the invoice value for the purchase of the insured vehicle as new;


b) the actual value on the date of conclusion of the policy, for vehicles older than 1 year.


  • Recovery up to the invoice value (for newly bought motor vehicles not older than 1 year);
  • Recovery up to the actual value (for used motor vehicles older than 1 year).

Limit of liability:

The limit per insurance event and for the entire period of the contract is selected by the Insured as the BGN equivalence of: EUR 10,000, EUR 15,000, EUR 20,000, EUR 30,000 or EUR 40,000.

Insurance period:

One, two, three, four or five years.

Insurance premium:

The insurance premium is paid:

а) as one-off sum upon conclusion of the insurance contract, for policies with validity of one or two years;


b) as one-off sum or deferred into two instalments, for policies with validity of three, four or five years.

Territory of validity:

The Republic of Bulgaria, member states of the European Union, as well as non-EU states which are members of the international Green Card agreement, as follows: the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Principality of Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Swiss Confederation, the Republic of North Macedonia, the Kingdom of Norway, the Republic of Serbia, Montenegro, and the Republic of Türkiye.

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