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Date: 24.07.2024

Important Notice

In the event of loss or damage to the insured cargo, the insured is required:

  • To notify „BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP“ EAD, Transport and Marine – Claims Department, immediately, by е-mail:
  • To give notice in writing to the carriers or other bailee if the loss or damage are apparent at the time of completion of the carriage contract depending on the way of transportation, as well as to require from the carriers or other bailee to issue a loss/damage ascertainment report.
  • To give notice in writing to the carriers or other bailee within 3 (three) days of delivery if the loss and/or damage was not apparent.
  • To appoint the surveyor specified in the insurance policy or another expert, subject to prior consent of Transport and Marine Liability Claims Department.
Documents required to submit a claim:
  • Claim by the insured with a specified monetary level, along with its detailed calculation of losses and bank account;
  • Notification of loss and/ or damage;
  • Insurance policy or certificate – original, application, open cover;
  • Consignment note and/or bill of lading; and/ or other transport waybills/ documents – original;
  • Commercial invoice, specification, packing list;
  • Original (where applicable) loss/ damage Ascertainment report, pictures of the cargo;
  • Survey report – original;
  • Notice of loss/ damage or Letter of protest to the carriers or other bailee;
  • Pre-shipment inspection report (if applicable);
  • Salvage sale invoice of the damaged goods; scrap invoice; along with any other documents directly resulted as from or attributable to claim-minimizing steps taken.

Additional documents may be required, depending on the in- surance cover provided under the policy, type and particulari- ties of the loss and/ or damage, manner of transportation.

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