Motor Third Party Liability – now online at

Motor Third Party Liability – now online at

Motor Third Party Liability – now online at

BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP has launched its innovative online service for conclusion of Motor Third Party Liability insurance.

Its new advantage is that now the insurance is concluded entirely online in real time. The process of calculation and conclusion of the compulsory Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL) insurance is fully digitalized and the related sticker and Green Card are delivered by a courier, free of charge, to an address specified by the client.

In a few steps, the client can calculate an estimate or exact price for the MTPL insurance and proceed to conclude the policy. After the data is filled in, it is possible to select the number of installments, extended covers and manner of payment – by debit/credit card or through ePay.

“Improving Bulstrad services through digitalization is a priority for us, not only because we offer practical solutions during times of unprecedented challenge, but also because it lays the ground for further continuous improvement in the servicing of our clients,” commented Mr. Plamen Shinov, Executive Director and Member of the Management Board of ZAD BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP.

Development of its digital services and products has been among the top priorities of Bulstrad during the past year. In January the Company introduced the first two insurance products that can be concluded entirely online: Bonus Home, a home property insurance, and Travel Package insurance for assistance abroad, which are now are followed by Motor Third Party Liability.

With the emergency situation declared in March, Bulstrad introduced online payment of premium instalments for all its products. Besides payment with debit or credit cards through a virtual POS terminal, the clients of can now also choose to pay their instalments through ePay or at a pay-desk in the EasyPay network.

For the convenience and safety of its clients, BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP also provides an option for online notification of occurrence of an insurance event under Casco insurance, through the company website.

Registered users at may also take advantage of additional benefits such as SMS notifications and email reminders of upcoming payment dates and expiring policies, through their user accounts on the company website.