COVID-19 info line with essential up-to-date information for travellers

COVID-19 info line with essential up-to-date information for travellers

As we are adapting to a pandemic-stranded world, travel has increased gradually on a global level under specific conditions. SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 related restrictions across different countries are still applicable with varying degrees of strictness, so it is of utmost importance for travellers to find comprehensive and up-to-date information in a quick and easy manner. 

To assist our clients holding Travel insurance, we have provided the service COVID-19 Info Line. Through this info line clients can find details about the current epidemiologic situation and the rules related to the coronavirus, which is essential for travellers entering or leaving the respective country.

Information is available 24/7, drawn from an up-to-date database with official sources. After receiving a client request made by phone or e-mail, the assistance coordinators consult the respective source and deliver the necessary information to the client.

Another important matter for travellers concerns the current measures in effect in a given country, such as curfew hours, allowed seating and attendance capacity in public spaces and transportation, and rules concerning the wearing of facial masks.

With respect to testing, the COVID-19 info line provides information about testing locations, possibility for PCR testing at the airport, options for reserving a spot for the test, time before the test results are ready, and (if known) the price of the test.

The COVID-19 Info Line operates 24/7 and you can call us on +359 2 8 197 197 or email us at