About Bulstrad

About Bulstrad

Welcome to www.bulstrad.bg!

We hope that our website will provide you with the needed information and will advance your interest in the services and activities of our company.

We, at BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP, will give you a competent professional advice and will ensure the necessary insurance protection for you, your property and your business. Our confidence is based on the following facts:

  1. Bulstrad is a trademark with a history of more than 55 years, which has established itself as a symbol of trustworthiness and professionalism on the Bulgarian insurance market.
  2. Bulstrad offers more than 100 insurance products to individuals and corporate clients. Our desire is to develop adequate and competitive insurance products in the new market environment of freedom to provide goods and services.
  3. Close to 1,000,000 individuals and corporate clients have chosen Bulstrad as their insurance company. 
  4. Since April 2007 VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP is a major shareholder of Bulstrad. It is a company with an over 190-year long history in the insurance business. Its expertise and professionalism contribute to the sustaining of our leading position in the Bulgarian insurance market and promote the introduction of best practices, always aiming to meet more thoroughly the requirements and expectations of our customers, the EU citizens.

We hope that the facts above have convinced you to continue your exploration of our website www.bulstrad.bg, where we are sure you will find the reasons to choose BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP as the insurer of your family and your business!